Changelog v2.10.3

Changes from v2.10.2 to v2.10.3

Release Date: October 7, 2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 5574: Workaround for MySQL problem when querying metadata
  • Bug 5589: Editing a KNIME Update Site URL may break update process
  • Bug 5593: MacOS launcher fails with spaces in system property values in knime.ini
  • Bug 5594: Database Joiner has a problem if an input port has no columns
  • Bug 5595: Database Joiner fails with loading model settings error if input spec is invalid
  • Bug 5596: License view should filter out invalid/expired licenses
  • Bug 5609: SQL Executor node should use ;\n as statement separator
  • Bug 5614: Joiner dialog doesn't correctly show "ROWID"
  • Bug 5616: DatabaseConnectionSettings does not catch SQLException (only Error)
  • Bug 5632: String Replacer doesn't check pattern in configure
  • Bug 5635: Changing prediction column names in Weka Predictor (3.7) doesn't work for regression models
  • Bug 5611: ARFF Reader is slow with many attributes/columns

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