Changelog v2.0.3

Changes from v2.0.2 to v2.0.3

This is a bug fix release, which addresses the following issues:

  • Bug 1757: Rule Engine node does not accept LIKE to compare two string-type columns
  • Bug 1759: PDF Generator must not use toString() method on DataCells
  • Bug 1772: Sorter on disk has problem with many rows
  • Bug 1781: IllegalStateException if non-configured node contained in loop body
  • Bug 1785: case converter node produces domain with arbitrary "possible value" sorting
  • Bug 1786: DecisionTree (PMML) does not work correctly with categorical values
  • Bug 1787: PMML Reader reads in possible values in arbitrary order
  • Bug 1788: DecisionTreeNode must not use plain HashSet for class counts (order dependent)
  • Bug 1792: Transposing a table of dimension 0x100 produces table of size 0x0 (expected 100x0)
  • Bug 1795: Naive Bayes View showes nominal probability backwards
  • Bug 1797: ROC node does not report progress correctly
  • Bug 1799: Association rule learner: different results for TIDList and ARRAY
  • Feature Request 1789: RowID node should have a HiLite translation option

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