Changelog from v1.3.3 to v1.3.5

New nodes

  • ROC view
  • Conditional Box Plot
  • Reference Row Filter
  • Reference Column Filter

Bug fixes

  • Joiner: the first non-matching row got lost in right-outer and full-outer join
  • File Reader: data in Double and Int columns is now trimmed, accepting empty data as missing values there
  • File Reader: fixed reading from http-sources
  • Row ID: An error was reported if new column name existed in input table, even if no new column was appended
  • Row Sampling & Partition: the sampling and partitioning nodes now check for the class column if stratified sampling has been selected
  • Row Sampling: use seed if provided, was ignored before
  • Row Filter & String Replacer: are now able to accept "\n"
  • Row Filter: "." in regular expression now also matches newlines
  • Sorter: fixed dialog layout with long column names
  • Group-By: preserve original column spec if possible
  • Concatenate: fixed hilite propagation through the node
  • Histogram & Bar Chart: bar count fix
  • Histogram binner: rounding error fixed
  • Polynomial Regression: excluded columns containing missing values do not lead to an execution error any more
  • Database Writer: NULL values are now inserted into the database table for missing columns in input table
  • R: entered R code got lost if no R executable has been found
  • Molecule Sketcher: fixed a problem with drawing structures under Windows
  • Node descriptions: Fixed error message if fallback browser had to be used
  • BatchExecutor: temporary directories are now deleted under Windows if workflow was provided in a ZIP file


  • Displaying of hydrogens in structure diagrams can be switched on/off in the CDK preference page
  • JavaScripting and Mathematical Expression nodes now compile the code only if it has changed and not upon every configure
  • More aggregation functions in Group-By node
  • BatchExecutor now allows input of encryption master key and commas inside node option values

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