Changelog from v1.2.2 to v1.3.1

This is a minor release with quite a number of new nodes, most of which are for data preprocessing but also include visualizer nodes and nodes for data mining.

Major changes

  • Eclipse 3.3, JAVA 1.6
  • New nodes
    • Case converter
    • Cell splitter
    • Column comparator
    • Rewrite or joiner
    • Low variance filter
    • many2one
    • one2many
    • number2string
    • string2number
    • String replacer
    • String replacer (dictionary)
    • Group by
    • Pivoting
    • Numbric row splitter
    • Pie chart
    • Interactive pie chart
    • Polynomial regression (learner & predictor
    • Linear correlation (compiler & filter
    • Value counter
    • Naive bayes
    • Sota (self organizing tree, learner & predictor)
    • Decision tree learner (not basedon WEKA)
    • Multi dimensional scalling
    • SVM (support vector machine, learner & predictor)
    • Enrichment plotter
    • SDF properties export / import (need icons)
    • CDK -> Mol2 / SDF / Smiles (need icons)
    • Smalles set of smalles rings (does not reflect node description - will be removed)
    • Substructure search
  • Better R integration (allows local execution, more views)

Minor changes

  • Occurrences of row key changed to row ID
  • Hyperlinks activated in node description
  • Bit vector cell (used for chemical fingerprint, e.g.) more feature rich (own renderer and icon), (implements currently IntValue!!)
  • Great speedups in the hierarchical cluster node
  • Leave-one-out functionality to the cross validation node
  • Full precision double renderer
  • Tooltips in table view
  • More features in csv writer (separator char, decimal separator)
  • More features in file reader (short line support, file encodings)
  • More options in sampling node (stratified sampling)
  • More options in SDF/Mol2 reader (auto generate ID)
  • Eclipse: pasting of nodes at current mouse position when triggered from popup
  • Eclipse: tooltip at data outports shows table dimensions
  • Eclipse: more intelligent node selection in the workflow editor
  • New node wizard allows user to create node in existing project (optional without sample code)
  • Default dialogs allow for grouping of elements and horizontal layout
  • Node description shown in text field when system fails to load web browser libraries (was a problem on some linux systems)
  • Eclipse: fix of some annoying tree viewer issues in KNIME's project repository (some projects were not shown)
  • String 2 smiles node replaced by molecule type cast node
  • All node descriptions are integrated into Eclipse Help (and are searchable now)
  • Eclipse: not entering rename mode anymore, after opening dialog with double-click

Beta features

  • Various scripting nodes
  • Generic webservice client node (needs icon)


  • This only concerns developers that created their own dialog components by deriving from org.knime.core.node.defaultnodesettings.DialogComponent. One abstract method in this class was renamed (typo fix in the name). Thus, any derived class will not compile anymore. To fix the compile error, please rename the method "validateStettingsBeforeSave()" to "validateSettingsBeforeSave()".
  • exec.createConcatenateTable, exec.createJoinedTable
  • More options in ColumnRearrangeTable, allows swapping of columns

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