Step 7: DELETE a resource

Finally, we want to remove the pergola site that Mrs. Green unfortunately does not want anymore. Add another Row Filter and configure it to exclude all row except for the one representing the pergola site. Then add a DELETE resource node and link it to the row filter.

DELETE resource node added

The DELETE resource node is very similar to the GET and the POST nodes we already know. Open the dialog and make the node retrieve the target URL from the link.href column (see Step 4). Once you are done, press OK and execute the node.

The DELETE resource has only a header port since the server will usually not return a representation for DELETE requests. However, we can check the status code in the output table. It should be 200 OK. To be absolutely sure, you can also reset the second GET resource node (the one from Step 4). If you now transform the response body into a data table you will get:

Sites of the garden project after DELETE

Congratulations! Mrs. Green's project is now up-to-date!

If you are interested, there 2 more pages about how to Adjust Default Settings and how to Log your server communication.


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