Some words about servers

Server Behaviour

The KNIME client integration assumes that the server the nodes are communicating with is following the REST principles. If the server is not adhering to these guidelines the communication nodes will in most cases still work, but your mileage may vary.

The response and its format are in the responsibility of the server.
Also RESTful servers might not accept certain requests or HTTP methods or react unexpectedly. However, this is an issue of server design.

Reference Server

While the KREST plugin has been developed against the everest demo server, it should be capable of communicating with all REST-based servers.

Demo Server Setup

This tutorial will interact with a locally installed everest demo server.

This tutorial will address the everest demo application plantscribe that is running locally on the same machine like KNIME.

To run the everest demo server you need to have Python 2.7. If you do not have an installation yet, check the official python website.
Once this is accomplished, follow the installation instruction provided in the  everest demo project. Some initial sample data is already part of the project. So, once the setup is completed, all you have to do is start the server.

Upon start the console will tell you the IP address and port at which you find the server. In this tutorial, we will stick with the default setting and run the server at


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