Populating the workspace

Now it's time to populate your workspace with projects. If you used the "KNIME Complete" target platform in the previous step, then you can selectivly import the projects on which you want to works from the "repository" folder in your workspace. Since all dependencies are already in the target platform it's enough to check out single projects.


Note that the two sections below are currently outdated!


If you used the "KNIME" target platform that does not contain any KNIME plug-ins then you should populate your workspace using Buckminster CQUERYs:

  1. File ⇒ Open a Component Query
  2. Use http://www.knime.org/KNIME.cquery as URL
  3. Enter a component name, e.g.
    • org.knime.features.base for the minimal necessary stuff
    • org.knime.update.org and org.knime.update.labs for the whole free release
    • com.knime.update.server for the server stuff
    • com.knime.update.teamspace for the team space
    • The UnitTests for KNIME Desktop can be retrieved using
      • org.knime.base.testing and
      • org.knime.core.testing
    • com.ggasoftware.indigo.knime.feature for the Indigo nodes
    • org.knime.knip.feature for the Image Processing nodes
    • org.knime.features.network for the network nodes
    • org.knime.features.network.exp for the experimental network nodes
    • org.knime.features.ext.textprocessing for the textmining nodes
    • org.knime.features.ext.lucene for the indexing and searching nodes
    • ...
  4. Optionally adjust the branch you want to check out in the Advisor Nodes tab under Selection Criteria (specify e.g. "server-4.0" as branch path). Make sure to adjust the branch specifier for all entries in the list on the left.
  5. Resolve and Materialize

Server development

For server development, you need to get com.knime.update.server into your workspace and in addition all pure Maven projects from the KNIME.COM/server directory in SVN. Make sure to checkout into the "plugins" subfolder of your workspace! Here is the current list of pure Maven projects:

  • com.knime.enterprise.mavenconfig
  • com.knime.enterprise.server.core
  • com.knime.enterprise.server.application
  • com.knime.enterprise.server.ejb
  • com.knime.enterprise.server.rest.impl
  • com.knime.enterprise.serverbuild
  • com.knime.enterprise.war
  • com.knime.enterprise.webportal.vaadin7
  • When it prompts for a password for nexus.knime.com (maven mirror) just cancel it

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