Author Network


Author Network Based on PubMed

Detailed View of the Author Network

The purpose of this workflow is to find the most important authors for a new indication via network mining approaches and based on a set of PubMed articles that include relevant terms of this new indication. A network with authors as nodes and publications as edges is generated. The number of common publications is used as an edge weight.

The workflow has been presented at the 6th KNIME User Group Meeting by Frank Dullweber from Boehringer Ingelheim. Frank presents in his talk Case Studies: Support of Target Discovery Research by KNIME Textprocessing and Networkminig 4 use cases that apply the KNIME Network Ming and Text Processing plugins for target discovery research.

Advanced Analysis (01203002_authorNetworksBasedOnPubMed)

Author Network Based on PubMed
You can use your own data by using your PubMed query instead of the example query. The hits need to be downloaded from the PubMed webpage ("Sent to" > "File" > "Format CSV") as CSV file. The downloaded CSV file is the input for the FileReader node (delimiter = ","; "allow short line"; "read column header") in the workflow.

Visualization of Networks in Cytoscape

Overview of the Author Network


Viz Output Connector
Viz Output Connector node allows to the send a network from KNIME to an external program e.g. network visualization program. The network images in the presentation as well as on this homepage have been created by Cytoscape. You can download the Cytoscape session file to have a look at the used settings. The file contains all data and can thus opened independent from KNIME. For a detailed description of the available network visualization nodes and option go to the Network Visualization page. It also contains a detailed instruction on the Cytoscape integration and installation.

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