Initial Eclipse workspace setup

DEPRECATED -- Refer to for latest guide

  1. Get an Eclipse installation from
    1. Use one of the non-ee files for pure KNIME Analytics Platform development
    2. Use one of the "eclipse-ee-*" files for server development
  2. Start Eclipse and prepare a new Eclipse workspace
    1. Open the SVN Repository Exploring perspective
    2. Add a new repository location with as address
    3. Checkout the trunk or any other branch you want to work on as project with name "repository" (or any other name you can choose). This will take a while.
    4. Go to the Java perspective, locate the project "repository" in the Package Explorer and delete it without deleting the contents on the file system.
    5. File ⇒ Import... ⇒ Import existing projects into workspace and select <workspace>/repository/KNIME_Deployment/org.knime.config.
    6. File ⇒ Open a Component Query
    7. Use "; as URL
    8. Query the component "org.knime.config"
    9. Resolve and Materialize
  3. Set a Target Platform
    1. Open the or KNIME (recommended) file in org.knime.config
      • The second target definition also contains all KNIME feature in addition to the "real" target platform (i.e. all external stuff). This is usefull if you don't want to check out everything in your workspace but only the projects that you are working on or if you don't have access to all sources (e.g. the commerical code).
    2. When opened, it will resolve the contents which may take some time. Wait until the entry "Target Platform for KNIME x.yz" is shown
    3. Click on Set as Target Platform in the top-right corner.
    4. If you get the error that the tp folder is missing execute the cquery "cdi.api"
  4. Set an API Baseline
    1. Go to Preferences ⇒ Plug-in Development ⇒ API Baseline and Add Baseline...
    2. Select "A target platform" (available since Eclipse 4.5)
    3. Select "Release x.y.z" (which is in the org.knime.config project)
    4. Click Reset
    5. Give the baseline a meaningful name (e.g. "Release 3.0.0") and click OK

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