EMBL-EBI Nodes for KNIME (trusted extension)

The nodes are provided by the European Bioinformatics Institure, Hinxton, UK.

About the nodes

  • ChEBI Searcher
    • Wrapper for the ChEBI database. The node uses ChEBI's SOAP web service to retrieve database records through substructure or keyword search.
  • ChEBI Retriever
    • The node uses ChEBI's SOAP web service to retrieve database records by ChEBI ids.
  • ChEMBLdb Connector
  • ChEMBLdb Connector Input
    • Same functionality as the node above with an added input port capability.


You will find examples on the usage of the ChEMBL nodes on the KNIME Public Server under Community/ChEMBL_WebServices (accessible via the KNIME Desktop).

Source Code

The source code can be accessed at https://anonymous:knime@community.knime.org/svn/nodes4knime/trunk/uk.ac.ebi.


The EMBL-EBI nodes ares released under LGPLv3.