Just KNIME It! Back for Season 2!

March 13, 2023 — by Aline Bessa
Just KNIME It! Back for Season 2!

Our bite-sized weekly challenge program returns in March!

In 2022 we started Just KNIME It!, a series of weekly challenges with the goal of helping KNIME users prove their KNIME knowledge and practice their workflow-building skills. For this time period we issued a total of 40 challenges, to which users uploaded solutions onto their personal KNIME Hub spaces. They also often shared these solutions on the KNIME Forum, in which we kept a leaderboard ranking participants. At the end of the season, we celebrated and awarded our top 4 KNinjas – the best participants of the season. 

The program was a hit and we are so happy to announce that we are back for Season 2 starting on 03/29 – are you joining us this time around? 😉

In case you are new to it, this is how Just KNIME It! works: 

  1. Every Wednesday, we post a data science problem that can be solved with KNIME

  2. Next, you think of a solution (feel free to use the KNIME forum), implement it as a workflow, and upload it onto your personal KNIME Hub space

  3. Finally, we share our solution to the problem on the following Tuesday. 

Since many solutions are possible for any given challenge, we encourage you to share yours on the KNIME Forum and on social media, so that we can keep the discussion going!

The challenges will be designed in 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Most challenges will be medium-level, and we will keep most of the hard ones for later in the season. Their topics will range from dealing with language models, to image manipulation, to data apps, to geolocation. No stone will be left unturned. Our aim is to challenge and engage our community with fun mini-bytes of KNIMEness. 

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