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Budget Monitoring Report with KNIME Blueprint

July 16, 2021
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Every company makes plans. One of the most important plans a company makes for the future is about its budget - planning on how much money should be used for particular projects. A budget can still be adjusted, though, to reflect changing circumstances. Therefore a company budget needs to be monitored vigilantly. In addition, analyzing historical data on how much was budgeted versus what was actually spent and what was left over in previous periods can help a company to improve future budgeting.

Download and use or adapt the blueprint Budget Monitoring Report from the KNIME Hub. It is designed to:

  • Access the quarterly accounting data for a list of company projects
  • Calculate the money allocated to the budget, the actually spent money, and the money remaining for each project for each year
Fig. 1. A workflow to prepare data for a budget monitoring report by calculating the money that was allocated, used, and what remains for each year - by project


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