Benefits and Requirements

KNIME Trusted Partners

Trusted partners are specifically focused on delivering solutions based on the KNIME platform and re-selling it. The KNIME Trusted Partner Program supports the education of in-company KNIME experts, successful closing of opportunities, generation of new ones, thus helping leverage sustainable company growth.

Find out more about the benefits and requirements of the KNIME Trusted Partner Program.


  • Support and help from KNIME
    Access to KNIME email support for technical questions.
  • KNIME Server licenses
    We provide licenses for internal, educational use at no cost so as to enable your technical staff to use KNIME Server in addition to KNIME Analytics Platform.
  • Education and marketing material
    Access to the full KNIME course materials for in-company use in order to educate your technical team. We also provide access to KNIME marketing materials.
  • Joint events and evangelism activities
    The opportunity to co-organize events with KNIME, such as workshops, trainings, meetups, roadshows, etc.
  • Partner share
    A favorable commission that increases based on your sales.
  • Company listing
    Company listing on the KNIME website.


  • KNIME expertise
    Expertise is key. You should have at least two KNIME experts on board. Expert knowledge of both the open source KNIME Analytics Platform as well as the commercial KNIME Server is required. Note, that our partners need to be able to provide technical support for their KNIME Server customers.
  • Getting trained
    In order to keep up with the latest KNIME features and technologies your KNIME experts need to attend official KNIME training courses at least once a year.
  • KNIME Spring / Fall Summits
    The KNIME Spring and Fall Summits are excellent opportunities to meet users, customers, other partners, and also the KNIME team. We are happy to welcome our partners and provide you with space to present your company at these events. This is also a good time to attend KNIME courses, which are offered via the pre-summit program.
  • Being active
    Activity is just as as important as expertise. Successful partners being active and committed e.g. to working on customer projects and PoCs, or running meetups, learnathons, and training courses. There are many different types of activities. Be proactive and committed.

Interested? Here are three steps to get started.

Becoming a KNIME Trusted Partner

  1. Start using the KNIME Analytics Platform
  2. Get trained
  3. Client engagement
    • Start working on customer projects, PoCs or similar.
  4. Apply for a KNIME partnership.