Adding a new Feature

A feature contains a set of plug-ins and is available for installation as a separate entitiy in KNIME's update site manager. Let's assume we want to create the "Foo" feature and add it as a Labs project. Let's assume "Foo" lives in the knime-foo git repository. Do the following:

  • Create the plug-ins (contains nodes) and (contains unit tests). 
  • Create a new feature project (best done by copying an existing feature and changing it)
  • Add all these bundles to knime-foo.
  • Clone the org.knime.update.labs git repo and
    • add the feature definition to org.knime.update.labs/feature.xml
    • (in case depends on, which is not referenced in other features, you also need to add to the 'included plug-ins' in this file)
    • add to org.knime.update.labs/ (for the update site category definition)
  • Clone knime-internal-testing and add to org.knime.features.testing/feature.xml
  • Clone knime-jenkins
    • add all bundles to the look-up in
    • add all bundles to the look-up in




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