Pervasive Software and KNIME Collaboration Unleashes the Power of Parallel Performance for Data Miners

Pervasive DataRush for KNIME Delivers Breakthrough Throughput on Big Data with Open-Source Data Mining

ZURICH, Switzerland and AUSTIN, Texas – August 4, 2010 - Pervasive Software® Inc.(NASDAQ: PVSW) and KNIME today announced collaboration resulting in Pervasive DataRush™ for KNIME, a KNIME-certified plug-in that gives data miners access to high-throughput data operations and a parallel engine within the KNIME interface.  Pervasive is an innovator  in enabling scalable data-intensive applications and data analytics, and KNIME supports the comprehensive open-source data integration and analytics platform.

“The emerging trend of combining open source data mining technologies with high-throughput data processing offers new opportunities for organizations that want to analyze large datasets economically,” said Gartner Research Vice President Andreas Bitterer.  “This development makes big data analytics accessible for a range of organizations beyond the top-tier enterprises.”

Pervasive DataRush for KNIME provides access to the powerful Pervasive DataRush parallel dataflow platform, including its ability to tear through massive datasets at lightning-fast speeds, from within KNIME. The joint offering supports workflows optimized for multicore as well as all of the high-speed analytic models, operators and algorithms, including classification, clustering, and association mining, already available through Pervasive DataRush.  The combined offering is relevant to data mining practitioners in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, retail,  insurance, telecommunications, oil and gas and utilities as well as public agencies who are looking for the power of an end-user visual workflow designer to tackle data preparation, analysis and mining of very large datasets. 

KNIME is a modular, open-source data exploration platform that enables the user to visually create data flows, selectively execute some or all analysis steps, and later investigate the results through interactive views on data and models.  The KNIME base version already incorporates over 100 processing nodes for data I/O, preprocessing and cleansing, modeling, analysis and data mining as well as various interactive views, such as scatter plots, parallel coordinates and others. It integrates all analysis modules of the well known Weka data mining environment and additional plugins allow R-scripts to be run, offering access to a vast library of statistical routines.  KNIME is based on the Eclipse platform and, through its modular API, is easily extensible.

“The combined capabilities of KNIME and Pervasive DataRush give data mining practitioners easy and intuitive access to unprecedented performance throughput for big data mining and analytic projects,” said Prof. Michael Berthold, CEO for KNIME. "Pervasive DataRush gives KNIME a unique advantage for a whole class of users: data miners who want to rapidly address big data challenges."

“We are delighted to team with KNIME to help both existing and potential KNIME users utilize the powerful scaling capabilities of Pervasive DataRush,” said Ray Newmark, vice president of sales and marketing for Pervasive DataRush.  “Data miners can now speed through massive datasets on widely available multicore servers for their data mining initiatives.”

Pervasive DataRush for KNIME is available for purchase via an annual subscription or perpetual license, and is also available as a monthly cloud-based subscription. Contact Pervasive for a free trial.

KNIME AG provides professional enterprise solutions and services around the open-source platform KNIME.

KNIME is the only open-source analytics tool that has been developed from day one using rigorous professional software engineering processes in conjunction with cutting-edge data analytics expertise from a university group. KNIME AG, located in Zurich, Switzerland, with distributors and partners in Europe, USA, and now also Japan, offers consulting and training for the KNIME platform in addition to an increasing range of enterprise products (Report and Enterprise Server and KNIME Cluster Execution) and the free KNIME Report Designer. Visit for more information.

About Pervasive Software
Pervasive Software (NASDAQ: PVSW) helps companies get the most out of their data investments through agile and embeddable software and cloud-based services for data management, data integration, B2B exchange and analytics. The embeddable Pervasive PSQL™ database engine provides robust database reliability in a near-zero database administration environment for packaged business applications. Pervasive's multi-purpose data integration platform, available on-premises and in the cloud, accelerates the sharing of information between multiple data stores, applications, and hosted business systems and allows customers to re-use the same software for diverse integration scenarios. Pervasive DataRush™ is an embeddable parallel dataflow platform enabling data-intensive applications such as claims processing, risk analysis, fraud detection, data mining, predictive analytics, sales optimization and marketing analytics. For more than two decades, Pervasive products have delivered value to tens of thousands of customers in more than 150 countries with a compelling combination of performance, flexibility, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Through Pervasive Innovation Labs, the company also invests in exploring and creating cutting edge solutions for the toughest data analysis and data delivery challenges.  Robin Bloor, Chief Research Analyst and President, The Bloor Group and Founder, Bloor Research, recently cited Pervasive as one of the “10 IT Companies to Watch in 2010.” For additional information, go to

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