Navigate the new learning path - now also with self-paced courses

We want to help you grow professionally to face future challenges. To make this easier, we’ve reworked our range of self-paced courses and would like to introduce our new learning path. Have a look, we’re sure you’ll find the right course to progress along your professional path!

New Learning Path

Let’s first look at the different steps along the learning path. Our concept is to first teach the tool and then the science.

Levels 1 and 2 - Data Science (DS) or Data Wrangling (DW)

In the first two levels, you learn how to use the tool (KNIME Analytics Platform) for either data science (DS) or data wrangling (DW) tasks in two steps: basic (level L1) and advanced (level L2).

Level 3 - Productionizing and Collaboration

At level L3, you learn about the enterprise related features of KNIME Server: options for easy and safe deployment, integration with company policies around security and governance, model monitoring, and more.

Level 4 - Specialization

At the final level L4, you can choose from a range of specialized topics. We offer courses on big data, time series analysis, text processing, machine learning, and chemistry data - with more to come.


Upon completion of any level, you can take the KNIME Certification, during which we officially test your expertise and certify your knowledge.

The courses are offered instructor-led (online and onsite) and self-paced (online only), meeting the needs of different types of learners: those who prefer an instructor, scheduled lessons, and solution walk-throughs, as well as those who prefer self-paced learning with sets of videos and associated exercises for self-completion and self-checking.

KNIME Self-Paced Courses

Figure 1. KNIME learning path including basic and advanced data wrangling and data science courses (L1 & L2), productionizing and collaboration course (L3), and the courses around specialized topics (L4). All courses are provided online and onsite; the courses at levels L1, L2, and L3 are also provided as self-paced courses.


We've been offering many online courses over the last few months, and we’d like to see you at the onsite courses all over the world as soon as it’s possible to run them again!

But heads out of the sand - we’re happy to announce our new self-paced courses at L1 and L2 levels, with revised and restructured contents.

How to find the right course

The door to access all types of courses - online, self-paced, and onsite - is our KNIME Courses Overview page. Here you can find the descriptions for each course type and links to either the schedules (online and onsite) or links to the self-paced courses to get started right away.

KNIME Courses Webpage

Figure 2. Online, self-paced, and onsite courses are accessible via the KNIME Courses Overview page. In the section “Self-paced courses”, click the “Start a course” button to see the range of self-paced courses.


For example, to access one of our new self-paced courses, go to the “Self-paced courses” section and click the “Start a course” button. You’ll land on the KNIME Self-Paced Courses page. Select the level you need (L1 or L2) and the professional profile (Data Science DS or Data Wrangling DW) and then click on the corresponding course, to get started right away.

What’s new about the self-paced courses?

All self-paced courses have been reshaped to follow the same structure as their instructor-led counterparts - the online courses - with the same contents. New video content has been introduced to cover:

  • New database nodes: The videos about the database nodes show you how to connect to a database either with the dedicated connector node, or with the generic DB Connector node. These videos also show you how to perform basic and advanced data manipulation directly on the database, with the DB data manipulation nodes with a graphical user interface, as well as with the DB nodes with an editor for your own SQL script.
  • Components: A component encapsulates a workflow snippet into a functionality, a KNIME node, that can be reused and shared. The new videos guide you from basic introduction of the concept, to sharing, linking, and configuring components.
  • Loops and switches are described through several new videos, introducing the different types of loops and switches and how to automate the result selection.
  • More machine learning (only in L2-DS): Advanced machine learning algorithms, such as the random forest, are introduced in the Advanced Machine Learning lesson of the L2-DS course. These videos introduce the theory behind the algorithm and how to train the model in KNIME Analytics Platform.
  • Updates from KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2: These are mainly visible in the new introductory videos. The visual appearance of the KNIME workbench has changed over time, the KNIME Hub search panel was introduced, the description panel now also shows the description of components and workflows, the welcome page has a new design, and more. Since we really like this new KNIME workbench, we recorded the videos again in the Overview of KNIME Analytics Platform lesson of the courses on the L1 level.

More to come

Maybe you’ve already seen or even attended some of the courses on the L4 level that are currently only available as instructor-led, online courses:

  • L4-ML Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms
  • L4-TP Introduction to Text Processing

Inspired by the huge response to the online courses, we’re working on providing self-paced versions of these courses too. Stay tuned! We’ll keep you up to date about the upcoming course schedule and new contents of the self-paced courses. A number of instructor-led online courses, webinars, and events are already announced for September. In the meantime - try out one of the self-paced courses.

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