KNIME Version 2.6 Available!

KNIME 2.6 is now available! This newest release has a large number of extensions and new nodes, many based on requests from our community. For developing KNIME workflows, we’ve added the ability to add/remove ports on metanodes. There are also enhancements to the GUI editor such as a grid layout and snapping, node movement with arrow keys, and storing the zoom level that make layout and structuring of workflows even easier. For the heavy coder, extensions to both the String Manipulation and a powerful new Java Snippet node, along with a Group Loop Start node for iterating over groups will be appreciated. We’ve also made the automating of workflows even stronger by improving dynamic column handling in many nodes.

New nodes include those for hypothesis testing such as T-test and Anova, new graphics nodes such as JFreeChart’s Heatmap, and new data processing nodes like Column Aggregator and Empty Table Switch. The newest WEKA release 3.6 is also fully supported.

One major focus has been to further extend KNIME to business and non-specialists users. For creating packaged workflows on the desktop and via the web portal, there are now many more QuickForm nodes such as List Box selection, Check Box and Column Filter. For those surfacing KNIME to the occasional KNIME workflow builder via Teamspace and Server, there is now the ability to create a customizable node repository surfacing only the nodes a user requires. On the Server, you can also use the new QuickForms in the WebPortal. In addition, we’ve added an execution wizard to support in testing workflows via the KNIME WebPortal.

These are just a few of the highlights. For more information, check out the entire list of features here Or better yet, just download and use the new version!

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