KNIME Usage Jumps

KNIME AG, Zurich (November 2010). In the most recent Rexer Analytics Report, close to one thousand data mining professionals were questioned in an extensive survey. KNIME, which so far has not appeared prominently in previous surveys, has jumped to a solid middle place for usage among data miners with respect to both commercial and open source tools. In the open source category, regular users of KNIME are only outnumbered by users of Weka and R – two well-established open-source tools, for which KNIME provides integration options. But also in comparisons with proprietary, commercial tools, KNIME users are not far behind. See for the detailed report.

“It is great to see that our efforts to make KNIME an open and intuitive integration platform are embraced by users worldwide both in academia and industry,” comments Dr. Bernd Wiswedel, CTO of KNIME. “In addition to its built-in ETL and analytics capabilities, we are also integrating with essentially all major open-source projects to give our users choice: choice of analytics, choice of visualization, choice of reporting.” KNIME also partners with numerous software providers, both in BI and analytics as well as more specialized areas such as life science research. A number of other extensions are also available that provide image, text, and time series analysis functionality. “Our goal for KNIME is not to be yet another analytics platform (open-source or closed) but to provide a flexible and open integration backbone for data, tools, and science,” says Dr. Wiswedel. It looks as if this is the formula users have been waiting for.


About KNIME:

KNIME AG provides professional enterprise solutions and services around the open-source platform, KNIME. KNIME is the only open-source analytics tool that has been developed from day one using rigorous professional software engineering processes in conjunction with cutting-edge data analytics expertise from a university group. KNIME AG, located in Zurich, Switzerland, with distributors and partners worldwide offers consulting and training for the KNIME platform in addition to an increasing range of enterprise products (Report and Enterprise Server and KNIME Cluster Execution) and the free KNIME Report Designer. Please visit  for more information.

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