KNIME Spring Summit Online Edition - A Great Beginning

The KNIME Summits, in spring and fall, have been taking place since 2008 in Europe and the US. When the decision came to move as much of this year’s agenda online, we felt sad that we wouldn’t be able to see familiar and new faces in Berlin this year. At the same time we were inspired to do our best to make a success out of the online summit and start connecting as many home offices as possible - virtually everywhere.

KNIME Spring Summit Online Edition - A Great Beginning

March 30 to April 7 was the first week of the online summit program, with a mix of courses, the Virtual Summit session, and the“Talk to the KNIMErs” sessions. Resonance around the full-day online courses on machine learning, data wrangling, time series analysis, and KNIME Server was impressive with between 150-200 participants in each course.

Michael Berthold unveiled the new approach of Integrated Deployment. This approach removes the gap between creating data science and putting data science into production. You can see a video of his talk, The Future of Data Science: Integrated Deployment on the summit webpage.

Further talks from the KNIME Team at the Virtual Summit session, of which you can see recordings in the links, included:

At the keynote session, Dean Abbott (Smarter HQ) looked at how to “Focus on the Task - Enabling your Models to Speak the Language of Business”. Based on several use cases, he examines how predictive models can be used to provide benefit to businesses and why a machine learning approach is so effective and accurate. Watch the video of his talk here.

In total over 2000 people dialed in to the courses and summit sessions. Thank you to everyone for bearing with us while we experimented with this new online format.

KNIME Spring Summit Extended Program - Continues Online

More talks by invited speakers and a wide range of workshops are being streamed live as free webinars in the coming weeks as part of our extended online summit program. To date, the presentations of KNIME in Action are brought to you by speakers from Discengine, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Redfield, and Queen’s University, Canada. The program of workshops being broadcast in the coming weeks covers the topics of time series analysis, guided labeling, machine learning, RDKit in KNIME, GDPR compliance & anonymization techniques, and sharing & deploying data science with KNIME Server. 

We have devised a series of compact online courses for April & May, ranging from basic data wrangling, text processing, machine learning algorithms, and big data to name just a few. There are also different schedule options here: e.g. four 90-minute sessions/day spread over a week, or one 90-minute sessions hour/week spread over 4 weeks. We hope to cater to your preferred schedule.

  • Visit the complete extended summit program and register on our website

KNIMErs Connecting around the World

We hope that everyone joining us for the extended summit online program will benefit from the new format, despite not being able to meet in person. We are thrilled to see people signing up from all over the world. One attendee even wrote she would be setting her alarm for 2 AM to tune in from Australia. KNIMErs in Bad Oldesloe to Bilbao, Sugar Land to Bowling Green (yes they really do exist), Mexico City, Al Ain City, Dublin….we are all connecting.

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