KNIME rated #1 in satisfaction for open source analytics platforms

In the latest Rexer Analytics survey, 1319 users from over 60 countries rated their choices for data mining and analytics. KNIME scored number one in overall satisfaction for open source software.

KNIME’s received top open source scores in 13 of 20 categories, as well as achieving the highest satisfaction ratings of all nine open source AND proprietary packages in the categories Best in Ease of Use, Best User Interface and Best Data Manipulation Capabilities. “Our strategy of developing an open and easy‐to‐use platform that encompasses all types of data, tools and usage scenarios – whether ours or others’ – is paying off,” says Michael Berthold, CEO of KNIME AG. “Data mining and analytic professionals choosing KNIME as their platform are using all aspects of the 1000+ available modules in KNIME. This includes accessing the specialized algorithms they can get from R, which took top rating for Best Variety of Algorithms.”

KNIME took top open source in Ease of Model Deployment and Speed. “We are especially proud of these facts,” says Berthold. “It shows that our users are deploying KNIME open source in production environments and implementing the results of their data mining work for the benefit of their organizations. KNIME users have proven that KNIME really is fit for the enterprise.”

KNIME is open source and on the desktop absolutely free of charge. It took top honors for Best Price, even among other cost‐free options like R and WEKA. “The KNIME GUI with its lack of a complicated scripting language shortens the learning curve and saves manpower. The ability to download and immediately use the full‐featured software on the desktop, without restrictions or stipulations, opens up the benefits of predictive analytics to organizations that may have been held back by high price tags and steep learning curves in the past,” say Phil Winters, renowned Customer Intelligence guru and KNIME advocate. “You can learn KNIME incredibly quickly. Download KNIME; grab a real‐world example complete with data, and jump on in! The recognition is well deserved, and it’s recognition like this that will ensure KNIME soon becomes Most Used Analytics Platform as well.”

"We appreciate all the effort Rexer Analytics and the 1319 responders put into the survey. It’s an excellent way to get both confirmation of what we’re doing right and feedback to shape our future development," says Berthold. "Our current focus on model performance automation and sensible leveraging of Big Data are all clearly key topics for the community, and we look forward to the responses from the next survey. I’d like to thank each and every one in the KNIME community, without whose support KNIME would not be where it is today: KNIME open source is here to stay.”

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