KNIME Flash - Summit Update - April 2016

Missed the KNIME Spring Summit 2016 in Berlin?
You can now watch the KNIME talks on video!

During the summit we had the opportunity to share ideas, solutions and stimulating conversations with participants from over 25 countries. We also showed a preview of innovative new KNIME capabilities we’re working on and were able to learn from an international group of speakers from Amazon, Bosch, Comcast, Boehringer Ingelheim, Siemens to mention just a few.

If you weren’t able to make it to the summit this time, go to KNIME TV, our YouTube channel, to watch the presentation videos and slides. (Please feel free to share freely!)

Michael Berthold's Welcome and Introduction

What's New in KNIME

What's Cooking in the KNIME Labs

What's New and Cooking in the KNIME Big Data Labs

Upcoming Events

Also, check out the latest KNIME Events, including meetups around the globe and our training courses held in Berlin and Zurich.

Product Updates

KNIME Analytics Platform 3.1.2 is available now. Check out the changelog and update it yourself in your existing KNIME installation using "Update KNIME..." in the "File" menu or simply download it here.

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