KNIME: Continued Growth and Stability with the Open Source Model

Zurich - KNIME AG today announced preliminary business results for the year ending November 2013. “Last year, KNIME has seen strong growth in the past year, more than doubling both its revenue and its user base,” says Michael Berthold, CEO, KNIME AG. “While we are not releasing any figures at this point, I can confirm that we are operating in profit and have added staff to ensure the company’s continued expansion.” In 2013, KNIME acquired several significant commercial customers in telecommunications, manufacturing, government and banking – on all five continents – as well as winning awards for customer satisfaction and analyst recognition for its innovative technology.

“Organizations know there are gems locked away in their data, and whatever they find today is only the start. But those with the most extensive analysis experience realize that tomorrow, they will need data, technology and science well above and beyond the expensive software packages they already have,” says Phil Winters, independent consultant and Board Member of KNIME. “KNIME lets you retain control over your data and ensure your uninterrupted ability to tap the potential hidden inside it. Where other projects have failed, KNIME just keeps going from strength to strength.”

Using KNIME, you can pick and choose from all the functions available now and still have access to any others that you might need – someday. KNIME’s clear workflows are easy to use and provide a consistent interface for all the people you entrust with generating critical insights, now and in the future. And because KNIME is open source, your keys to it can never be repossessed.

“KNIME’s dedicated and enthusiastic community continues augmenting support to include new data types and new tools as they come on the market, protecting everyone’s data investments and securing their hold on a company’s most valuable business asset: its data,” explains Berthold. “The KNIME open source model works: our KNIME community is very strong and has helped to extend the application of KNIME to new areas. I can definitively state: KNIME will remain open source. Period.”

For further information, contact KNIME at, or download KNIME now and discover for yourself what it can do. KNIME – because it’s your data.

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