KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0 is now available!

We’ve just released the latest versions of KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new.

With KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0, there are many new features that allow easier sharing with the community, as well as a tighter integration with the new KNIME Hub.

Speaking of which... with this release, we’ve got a bunch of exciting new features. Share workflows and components publicly on the KNIME Hub, browse KNIME extensions, drag and drop nodes into your KNIME workbench, and search the KNIME Hub from within KNIME Analytics Platform.

Components are another change that make sharing and collaborating with the community easier as they are able to bundle up functionality, which can be shared and reused. They can be used for providing sophisticated methods for time series analysis, offering preconfigured visualizations for specific data types, or they can focus on specific application areas. For more information, check out this blog post.

This release features significant performance improvements, meaning you should notice considerable speedups of factors two to ten in your day-to-day workflow execution when working with native KNIME nodes. Under the hood, these improvements are due to, among others, use of columnar storage, and better in-memory processing.

We’ve got a new database extension, new machine learning functionality, and an integration with Plotly, which brings all kinds of interactive visualizations. For big data, there’s simplified support for Kerberos, a Spark Repartition node, and revised Spark model learner nodes. And, remember the community survey we did recently? Something many of you requested has resulted in one of our newest nodes - the Duplicate Row Filter!

With KNIME Server 4.9, you can edit workflows directly on KNIME Server with the Remote Workflow Editor. We’ve also made improvements to the scheduling feature, and you can now choose which executor type a specific workflow should be executed on. On top of our existing cloud offerings, KNIME Server Large is now available on AWS, and KNIME Server Small on Azure.

These features and more are summarized here, as well as in the detailed changelog. We’re also hosting a webinar on July 25 highlighting all the new stuff! The best way to check it out, though, is by trying it for yourself. To use version 4.0 of KNIME Analytics Platform, you need to complete a new installation as upgrades from previous 3.x installations are not supported. You can also download and install KNIME Analytics Platform here.

Remember to mark your calendars for KNIME Fall Summit in Austin, Texas from November 5-8, 2019, where you can see these new features in action! Register now for a $100 early bird discount.

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