KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3 released


It's December 6 and KNIME Analytics Platform is curving into Christmas with its latest 3.3 release.

The things most likely to immediately catch your eye are the new curved connections; we like to think they get the data sliding even faster through workflows ;-) There are some other nice noteworthy additions:

The Excel integration has been reworked both in terms of speed and support for really large excel files. There are a couple of new convenience nodes for dealing with variables such as the String Manipulation (Variable) while the Text Processing extension comes with a bunch of new integrations, including Apache Tika to read major document formats such as PDF, EMail, or Microsoft Office documents.

Are you storing your data in the cloud? With this new release you can seamlessly read and write your data to systems such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob storage.

Our KNIME Server customers will find the KNIME WebPortal now supports interactivity. Many of the JavaScript views have been reworked and new ones were added, including an interactive decision tree viewer and a parallel coordinates plot.

Big Data analysts will be interested to try out the new file connectors to read and write standard Hadoop file formats (Avro, Parquet, etc.) and they will appreciate an improved integration of databases into their Apache Spark workflows, including nodes to embed database systems transparently and to query Apache Spark tables by means of simple SQL as part of the KNIME Big Data Extensions.

These are just some of the improvements in this Christmas Release. You can find more detailed information on our What's New page and on the ChangeLog page. And note that upgrading from a previous KNIME Analytics Platform 3.x version is as easy as choosing the update link in KNIME Analytics Platform’s Welcome Page or by choosing File -> Update KNIME.


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