KNIME Analytics Platform 3.2 released

The latest release brings new features and improved usability to KNIME Analytics Platform and the commercial portfolio of KNIME products.

KNIME Analytics Platform 3.2: smarter analytics

The new Workflow Coach is our brand new recommendation engine that suggests which node would best follow the last one, based on community usage statistics. Missing Node Installation means that you no longer have to look for the missing plugin or extension yourself. Now, when you open a workflow that contains nodes not in your workbench, the missing items can be selected and are then automatically installed.

We’ve also added new functionality to further advance our analytics capabilities. Here are just a few examples. Gradient Boosted Trees and Deep Learning are a new set of nodes for learning and scoring both classification and regression models. The PMML Transformation Applier is a new node that applies all of the preprocessing operations described in a PMML document to a data stream.

Have you been needing to analyze linked data? Well, now you can with new functionality enabling access to the Semantic Web and resources such as DBpedia and CHEMBL from within KNIME Analytics Platform.

KNIME commercial products taking to the skies

Enjoy KNIME Cloud Analytics Platform on Microsoft Azure – find KNIME Analytics Platform on the Azure marketplace and launch a new machine in a matter of minutes. You can now also scale your analytics – launch the Azure machine most suitable for your workload and simply shut it down when you’re done.

KNIME Server can now be configured to manage license files for enhanced KNIME Analytics Platform functionality – such as the KNIME Personal Productivity package or the KNIME Big Data Extensions – getting new users started quickly and easily. The KNIME Server Rest API has also been further extended to allow upload and download of files and workflows.

Interested in big data analytics within KNIME? The KNIME Spark Executor 1.6 now allows you to run workflows with Spark nodes on clusters with Spark 1.5 and 1.6 – including support for Hortonworks and Cloudera distributions.

This article highlights just some of the more major changes in this summer release. Go to What’s New and Changelog for full coverage. And don’t forget to download the new release!

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