KNIME 3.0 early access release out now and feeling Sparky

KNIME Analytics Platform 3.0 is ready and waiting for you with a new look and feel we hope you’ll like! We were lucky to find a great Creative Designer in Berlin—one of these special people who can translate data-scientist-speak into graphics and who worked with us to restructure and clarify the design and produce some wonderful new graphics and icons.


Other major aspects of this release take us behind the scenes. We have upgraded to be compatible with the latest versions of all the underlying libraries, including updates to Java 8, Eclipse 4, and BIRT 4. And the main editor has undergone severe refactoring to provide a more efficient environment for your workflows. The extension API for data types is another enhancement which makes it easier to generalize to data types and also port types.

Please remember that 3.0 is an early access release and should not be used in production. We hope that users will start trying out KNIME 3.0 and give us their feedback. In December KNIME 3.1 will be published and will incorporate as much of your feedback as possible.

On the commercial end the KNIME Big Data Executor for Spark has reached maturity and is now available in version 1.0, featuring more than 40 nodes, including MLlib for large scale machine learning. If you are interested in trying it out, please contact us: up until the official release in December, we are happy to make this free of charge.

On KNIME TV on YouTube you will find two videos about the new functionality of 3.0. So if you really want to know what KNIME can do check them out:

The first video on Model Selection and Management with KNIME describes the basic analytics capabilities of the KNIME Analytics Platform: ETL, machine learning, dimensionality reduction, dataset quality evaluation, JavaScript based data visualization, and automatic model selection.

The second video on Blending Data and Tools: from Excel to Spark! will take you from big data and the cloud to a real world example of data and tool blending combining KNIME locally and on the Amazon Cloud along with HIVE, Spark, MLib, JSON and the KNIME WebPortal.

What is described here is just a smattering of the new features and enhancements of KNIME 3.0. You can read more about what has changed here and if you want to try out KNIME 3.0 yourself, download it here.

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