KNIME 2012 User Group Meeting

Over 130 KNIME fans came together for the 5th KNIME user group meeting held Feb 1-2 in Zürich. Attendees represented a wide range of industries, covering everything from life science through retail, telco and banking to entertainment and government. Besides a good look at what is happening at AG and KNIME software, there were two days of excellent presentations by customers and partner alike. Two highlights included Mike Hoskins of Pervasive, one of the leaders in Big Data Processing and an integrated KNIME partner, highlighting not only the challenge that BIG Data brings to organizations, but how the KNIME / Pervasive combination tackles the challenge. The General day finished with a ground-breaking session given by Kilian Thiel and Tobias Koetter, Uni Konstanz, and Phil Winters, KNIME, that combined both text mining and network analytics on social media data done in the open source KNIME platform to produce new actionable insight that had never been seen before.
The next KNIME User Group Meeting is scheduled for 6-7 March, 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland.  Mark your calendars now!

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