High-performance Sequence Similarity Search Modules for KNIME

High-performance Sequence Similarity Search Modules for KNIME

Questembert and Zurich, Oct 2012 - Korilog and KNIME AG announce the availability of the KLAST library within KNIME. KLAST represents a new optimized implementation of the PLAST algorithm which was developed by Korilog in a collaboration with Inria Genscale’s team. PLAST is a fast, accurate and NGS scalable bank-to-bank sequence similarity search tool providing significant accelerations of the Blast suite of algorithms.

With the addition of the Korilog's KLAST Extension for KNIME, it is now easy to setup and run sequence comparison workflows directly within KNIME using the new KLAST high-performance sequence similarity search tool. KLAST jobs can be run using the top scoring KNIME graphical interface or from the command-line.

More information on the KNIME extensions can be found here:
A recent press release on the collaboration of Korilog and Inria leading to the development of KLAST is available here:

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