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We have been quiet for a while. Maybe you noticed that we kind of disappeared off the meetup map in the last few months of 2016?

Indeed, due to some resource over-booking, we didn’t manage to take KNIME on the road as much as we would have liked in the past few months.

But we are back now! We also bring with us a complete new series of presentations, targeting use cases in different sectors, innovative architectures, and new courses.

We start with a meetup Stuttgart (Germany) on April 3 on the Industrial Internet of Things and one in San Francisco (CA, USA) on April 5 on a new architecture, including big data and data lakes besides KNIME Analytics Platform.

In parallel we are commencing with a series of courses for 2017 that begins in Stuttgart (Germany) on April 3 about KNIME usage in IoT.

After that, you will find us in Istanbul (Turkey) on April 5 and in Melbourne (Australia) on April 13 for meetup events, in San Francisco (CA, USA) again on April 25-26-27 and in Zurich (Switzerland) on May 8-9-10 for 3 days of KNIME courses, in Bracknell (UK)  for a Cheminformatics workshop. And after that, in Seattle (WA, USA) on May 8, in Budapest (Hungary) at some point in May, in Barcelona (Spain) and so on.

Just keep a look-out for us! We might come close to your workplace and you will not want to miss it!

This is where you can find us in the next weeks.


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Location Date Type Title Topic
Stuttgart (Germany) April 3-4-5 Courses KNIME Analytics Platform & IoT IoT, basic and advanced KNIME
Stuttgart (Germany) April 3 Meetup Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0, IoT, Data Spaces with KNIME
San Francisco (CA, USA) April 5 Meetup Power up KNIME with the Cloud Big Data, Data Lakes, Azure, deep learning, and KNIME
Istanbul (Turkey) April 5 Meetup Finansta deep learning uygulamalari Deep learning
Melbourne (Australia) April 13 Meetup Custom Nodes for Bioinformatics Node development & Bioinformatics
San Francisco (CA, USA) April 25-26-27 Courses KNIME, Big Data, & Server KNIME Analytics Platform, Server, & Big Data
Bracknell (UK) April 25 Workshop KNIME Cheminformatics Workshop Cheminformatics & KNIME
Stuttgart (Germany) April 26 Meetup Data Analytics Best Practices Data Analytics
Zurich (Switzerland) May 8-9-10 Courses KNIME & Server KNIME Analytics Platform & Server
Seattle (WA, USA) May 8 Meetup KNIME Image Processing KNIME and ImageJ2
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