Dymatrix introduces KNIME for DynaMine Data Mining Automation and DynaCampaign Campaign Optimization

Stuttgart, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland February 11, 2011 - Dymatrix and KNIME intensify partnership in leading edge analytics solutions for Next Best Offer and Campaign Optimization.

The latest innovations of the Dymatrix-KNIME partnership will be announced at this year’s KNIME User Group Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland March 2. The announcement will be accompanied by a presentation during the KNIME partner sessions. Furthermore Dymatrix is exhibiting its KNIME-based solutions together with Zementis, Inc., a market leader in PMML-based solutions at the partner exhibition area.


DynaMine® is a revolutionary Advanced Analytics Framework for automated, adaptive model training and model management. DynaMine® enables streamlined, cost-effective and fully-integrated data mining processes and supports real-time model training and scoring for any predictive modeling algorithm provided by KNIME.
DynaMine® Next Best Offer monitors, controls and executes the KNIME based analytical decision flows that determine which offers are presented to each customer. The integrated Next Best Offer solution gives you the chance to train as many data mining models with as many input variables as you want without any limits. Based on a service-oriented architecture the deployment of DynaMine® NBO models is rapid and simple and integrates seamlessly into any portal, mobile or packaged application. DynaMine® also offers a certified interface for model deployment in Zementis ADAPA® for cloud based high performance scoring.


Dymatrix leading multi-channel campaign management solution DynaCampaign now comes with a new release of Campaign Optimization - built  on linear optimization algorithms provided by KNIME. Based on campaign characteristics and constraints, such as channel capacity and contact policies, DynaCampaign Optimization maximizes economic outcomes and determines, which offers should go to which customers over which channels at what time. DynaCampaign Optimization consequently automates campaign processes and guarantees higher response rates, reduced spending and improved channel effectiveness.
The integration of KNIME into DynaMine® and DynaCampaign consequently pursues the strategy of using open standards and is underlined by alliances with leading provider of predictive analytics solutions Zementis, Inc.

About KNIME:
KNIME AG provides commercial enterprise solutions and services around the open-source platform KNIME. The modular data exploration platform enables the user to visually create data flows - or pipelines, execute selected analysis steps, and later investigate the results through interactive views on data and models. KNIME is a proven integration platform for tools of numerous vendors due to its open and modular API. The KNIME product pipeline includes a KNIME Enterprise Server, Cluster Execution, integrated reporting solutions, and commercially-supported KNIME distributions. KNIME also offers services such as hands-on training and the development of customized components for KNIME. For more information, please visit http://www.knime.com

About Dymatrix Consulting Group:
DYMATRIX CONSULTING GROUP is an innovative consulting firm focused on Analytical CRM, Campaign Management & Optimization and Data Mining Automation. Our expertise lies in conception and implementation of leading edge Business Analytics technologies, processes and solutions, such as automated adaptive model training and scoring. Our consulting expertise is complemented by our products DynaMine® and the enterprise campaign management suite DynaCampaign®. For more information please refer to http://www.dymatrixconsulting.com


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