CambridgeSoft and KNIME Execute Commercial Collaboration Agreement

CambridgeSoft to sell, service and support the KNIME data integration and analytics platform

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts and ZURICH, Switzerland – August 23, 2010 – At the CambridgeSoft User Meeting and Conference, CambridgeSoft, a leading provider of software and services for discovery, analysis, and collaboration to the life sciences, and KNIME, the company behind the professional open source workflow tool KNIME will announce the execution of a wide-ranging collaboration agreement. Under the agreement, CambridgeSoft will sell, support, and service the KNIME platform in enterprise R&D environments, and both companies will work to tighten the integration of KNIME and CambridgeSoft products.

“I am looking very much forward to this collaboration between KNIME and CambridgeSoft - it is exciting to see that one of the prime life-science solution vendors is able to support and service KNIME in a global context. We are also looking forward to the addition of CambridgeSoft’s core technology to the open KNIME platform,” said Professor Michael Berthold, CEO of KNIME. “The KNIME server allows direct calling of KNIME workflows as a web service, so this is already in place for linking to CambridgeSoft’s E-Notebook, as an example.”

“It is a natural fit between our organizations,” said Michael G. Tomasic, president and CEO of CambridgeSoft. “CambridgeSoft’s depth of service and support can provide global, multi-language and multi-timezone support for KNIME deployments in mission-critical environments. Our large professional service staff is experienced with KNIME, and is already using it to deploy novel applications with our customers. Further, with this agreement, we are ensuring that our customers benefit by being able to integrate CambridgeSoft’s leading Chem & Bio Office cloud, enterprise and desktop products with the KNIME platform’s workflow, analysis, and reporting ability in ways that will drive customers' interactive in-process collaborations and decision support to higher levels of efficiency.”


KNIME AG provides professional enterprise solutions and services around the open-source platform KNIME. KNIME is the only open-source analytics tool that has been developed from day one using rigorous professional software engineering processes in conjunction with cutting-edge data analytics expertise from a university group. KNIME AG, located in Zurich, Switzerland, with distributors and partners in Europe, USA, Japan, China, and Brazil offers consulting and training for the KNIME platform in addition to an increasing range of enterprise products (Report and Enterprise Server and KNIME Cluster Execution) and the free KNIME Report Designer. Visit for more information.

About CambridgeSoft

CambridgeSoft is a leading provider of software and services for discovery, analysis and collaboration to life science and chemical industries, academia and government. Its integrated product suite improves the productivity of researchers in the discovery, development and commercialization of chemical and biological compounds. Products include Cloud, Enterprise, Workgroup and Desktop versions of Chem & Bio Office (including Chem & Bio Draw), E-Notebook (providing knowledge management), chemical informatics, biological informatics and scientific databases. Web sites include ChemBioFinder.Com and ChemBioNews.Com for indexed database content and news, and SciStore.Com for e-commerce.

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