Webinar: What's New in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1 and KNIME Server 4.10

February 4, 2020 - Online
KNIME Webinar: What's New KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1 and KNIME Server 4.10

This webinar highlights the new features and functionality that we released with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1 and KNIME Server 4.10.

We’ll take you through all the new features and functionalities added in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1 - like Guided Labeling and all the new nodes such as the Binary Classification Inspector node, and WebRetriever node. We'll run through public and private spaces on the KNIME Hub and how the Hub can help you build your workflows more quickly and easily by giving you access to components. Find out about the additional cloud connectivity as well as the new Create Databricks Environment node for connecting to your Databricks cluster running on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

On the KNIME Server side, we'll show you how the server now supports the open standard for authorization - OAuth identification as well as how you can more easily configure workflows that are already running on KNIME Server.

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