Building a Recommendation System with KNIME

August 4, 2020 - Online

This webinar will be hosted by our partner Palmira and held in Arabic.

Companies leverage data to help control not only their business operations but also the customer’s experience with the objective of making better decisions.

The amount of data in the world has increased exponentially and, according to IDC, the collective sum of the world’s data will grow to 175 ZB by 2025 - a compounded annual growth rate of 61 percent. This growth in data has helped companies to develop recommendation systems. These systems have revolutionized marketing strategies, commerce, and content delivery, as well as improved customer experience by providing personalized recommendations and predictions.

During this webinar, our partner Palmira will provide an introduction to recommendation systems, and walk you through how you can create your own application using KNIME Software.


How do I join the webinar?

You’ll receive a zoom link with your registration confirmation. Make sure you have a stable internet connection!

Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely - fire away!

Where do I find the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform?

Download the latest free, open source version of knime here: knime.com/download

What other resources will help me to get started in KNIME?