Webinar: Behind the Scenes of Guided Analytics

- Online

We’ve recently created (and shared on the KNIME Workflow Hub) a number of example workflows based on the principles of Guided Analytics. Each workflow generates a web-based application which is accessible from a web browser via the KNIME WebPortal.

These applications serve different purposes from automating the machine learning cycle to easily generating single visualizations, as well as an interactive dashboard to explore complex data. Regardless of the application, the underlying workflow is based on the same template.

Here is a recording of the webinar, where Paolo takes us behind the scenes on building a workflow for Guided Analytics. It shows you how to use KNIME Software in order to create similar Guided Analytics Applications tailored to your own data science challenge.

This webinar is designed for analytics experts who are familiar with creating workflows for data science. Paolo demonstrates how to use the reusable components from the KNIME Hub and proposes a general approach which works with most business challenges - for example predictive maintenance, pricing decisions, customer intelligence, and more.

If you’re curious about how Guided Analytics can help you quickly find insights and make better decisions in your business, check out this other KNIME webinar. Here, Rosaria and Paolo explain and deploy a Guided Analytics Application to automatically generate machine learning solutions.