Meetup: Data Driven Organizations

March 12, 2020 - Bogotá

Hosted by our trusted partner, IQuartil, this event highlights how analytics play a key role in the way organizations operate and how KNIME helps put advanced analytics techniques at the center of the organization.

The first talk “Data Driven Organizations” focuses on contextualizing terms such as machine learning, data science, BI, and others, in the context of business. Learn how these words fit into the need for companies to become analytical-based organizations.

The second talk “Codeless Analytics” is all about the evolution of the implementation of data science projects. From complex algorithms written in specific programming languages, through to the use of configurable components with specific functionalities implemented through visual workflows. Learn how KNIME allows you to do all of this as well as how it enables experienced programmers to do their own code when needed.

The third talk “KNIME Server”, highlights how this enterprise software enables teams to collaborate, automates repetitive analytical tasks, and can support in advanced data science techniques.

The meetup will conclude by looking into a financial entity use case. We’ll demonstrate how the results of an analytical model and can be integrated into web and information systems using REST API.


8:00 AM
8:30 AM
Data Driven Organizations
8:50 AM
Codeless Analytics or “visual programming”
9:30 AM
Coffee Break
9:45 AM
KNIME Server
10:15 AM
Use Cases
10:45 AM