Meetup: Advanced Analytics for Corporations

February 6, 2020 - Istanbul

The usage of advanced analytics is spreading in the corporate world and becoming indispensable. Developing and deploying advanced analytic applications is done concurrently within an applied methodology framework by the adaptation and the transformation of internal processes and resources. Corporations that can properly design and plan the elements of adaptation process and lead the mindset transformation of human resources “business users” are going to come to the top.

During our new seminar series, we'll be joined by companies who are successfully working on advanced analytics. We'll hear their experiences in managing the transformation and adaptation of their processes and resources in a strategic manner.

We are very thankful to Anadolu Sigorta who will join us in hosting this event and share their experience on advanced analytics projects with KNIME Analytics Platform.


1:30 PM
2:00 PM
KNIME Analytics Platform for Developing and Deploying Advanced Analytics at Corporations presented by Ali Alkan, Principal Data Scientist, Advancetics
2:20 PM
Use Cases of Advanced Analytics in Anadolu Sigorta presented by Vedat Güneş - Business Intelligence and Analytic Modelling Manager and Selin Erimhan, Hüdai Özcan, Hüseyin Onur Özcan - Business Intelligence and Analytic Modelling Experts
3:30 PM
Questions & Answers
4:00 PM
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March 30 - April 3, Berlin
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