KNIME Sydney User Group Meetup: Listening to your Data with KNIME, Sydney

- Sydney

The KNIME Sydney User Group is hosting a Meetup on March 7 and would like to invite you to join. Here is a description of their event:

If you've heard about KNIME but never crossed the line to know more, it’s time to discover why KNIME is a leader in ETL, data science, machine learning, and more. Regardless of your skill level, let’s discuss, learn, and share our experiences using KNIME. There will food and drinks and other KNIME users eager to share their experiences.

In 2019, a new format of user group is coming. Over four events, we'll learn about more about KNIME Software and its capabilities. We'll cover beginner features like simple data transformation and deployment, through to using complex machine learning models to help you get the insights out of your data.

Session One


  • Who is KNIME?
  • Approach for the KNIME User Group planning
  • Who is Data Chameleon?

Presentation of KNIME Analytics Platform

  • How to connect to your data
  • Simple data transformation and cleansing
  • Outputs and visualizations

How to train a model and use it

  • Train a model to define a credit scoring
  • Apply the model to your data

User talk: The Openness of KNIME as a Unique Data Science Platform by Tom Park, Managing Director of DATASKILL, Senior Business Partner & Innovation Lead at UNSW Innovations

Tom will share his experiences and the features that made KNIME his number one go-to data science tool. He will speak about his experience with KNIME and give you some ideas on how he is seeing the future in data science.

Final Questions & Answers + KNIME Spring Summit 2019 in Berlin

Do you have questions for the KNIME gurus? Are you thinking of going to KNIME Spring Summit in Berlin? Please contact Yoann Leny who will be able to gather your requests and provide an extra discount to register (limited amount available).

The meetup runs from 6.30 PM - 8.30 PM and will be held at Spaces, Ground Floor, 111 Flinders St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Register for this free event via the KNIME Sydney User Group meetup page.