Data Talks

KNIME Spring Data Talks

March 24, 2021 - Online
KNIME Spring Data Talks

This event is over, but you can rewatch the sessions here.

Join us for an afternoon discussing data science in action

Learn from data science challenges across verticals, connect with new and experienced members of the KNIME community, and peek over the shoulders of our developers. 

This year's virtual KNIME Data Talks are shorter, snappier versions of our KNIME Summits, our semi-annual events, previously hosted in-person. We welcome you to tune in, and join us again in-person next year.

Agenda Overview


  • "Visual Programming for Data Science" by Michael Berthold (KNIME)

Data Science in the Organization

  • “Using Predictive Marketing Models to Maximize Relevance for our Customers” by Hans Samson, Marlene Hakvoort (ANWB)
  • “Creating an Analytical Data Model for Banking Supervision” by Perttu Heikki Korhonen (Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, QFCRA)

Data Science for Health

  • “Data Science with KNIME, Jupyter, and Tableau using COVID-19 Projections as an Example” by Dennis Ganzaroli (Swisscom) 
  • “A Year of Pandemic: How KNIME Helps Find New Drug Candidates” by Alzbeta Tuerkova (Uppsala University)

KNIME Time: Community and Partners

Breakout Sessions

  • How Deep Is Your Learning? - Rosaria Silipo, Adrian Nembach, Kathrin Melcher, Corey Weisinger (KNIME)
  • Bioinformatics with KNIME - Jeannette Prinz, Temesgen Dadi (KNIME)
  • Process Mining with KNIME - Fabian Liße (KNIME)
  • Finance Automation with KNIME Server - Paras Gupta (Day5 Analytics Inc.)
  • KNIME for Telco: Enhancing the Customer Lifecycle - Julie Bekaert, Dhiman Dey, Gianlucca Nacci, Marta Pino, Sudheer Kopparapu (ClearPeaks)
  • Cheminformatics with KNIME - Alice Krebs, Daria Goldmann (KNIME)
  • Working with the New File Handling Framework - Tobias Kötter, Mark Ortmann, Björn Lohrmann (KNIME)
  • KNIME for Government: The AI Operation Management Layer - Brian Frutchey (
  • Competitive Advantage with Crawled Data - Franziska Zacher, Michael Wolff (thaltegos)
  • Living on the Edge: Model Deployment at Scale on the Edge - Jim Falgout, Rene Damyon (KNIME)
  • KNIME Server Doctor: Spend Time with the KNIME Server Development Team - Roland Burger (KNIME)
  • KNIME Workflow Doctor: Spend Time with the KNIME Data Scientists Team - Iris Adä (KNIME)

KNIME Time: What’s New and Cooking

Technology Blending is the New Data Blending

  • “Intelligent Automation Solutions with KNIME on AWS” by Madhu Raman (Amazon Web Services) 
  • “How to Use KNIME in Application Building” by Lexi Harrison, Olivier de Bie (Forest Grove)

Success Criteria for Implementing Data Science Platforms Across the Enterprise

  • Panel discussion with
    • Yentran Trang (BOSCH IT)
    • Ioannis Magnisalis (European Commission)


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Will I be able to ask questions?

Sure! Use the Q&A tool in Bizzabo to ask your question and we'll answer them live. 

Where do I find the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform?

Download the latest free, open source version of KNIME here:

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