KNIME Online Course for Advanced Users

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Are you already familiar with the basics of the KNIME Analytics Platform and now want to learn more? What about learning how to control a workflow by using workflow parameters and loops? Or how to find the best parameter settings for your machine learning model automatically in a deep dive session of advanced machine learning? Then this is the perfect option to learn all those things and more in our KNIME Online Course for Advanced Users.

Mode: Interactive learning sessions and exercises which are assigned at the end of each session and discussed at the beginning of the following session.
Duration: One hour per week over four weeks, plus a 15-minute session at the end (July 17)
Location: Online
Dates: June 19, June 26, July 3, July 10, July 17 always at 6pm CEST
Price: EUR 250 + VAT

Course Content:
Session 1: Flow Variables
Session 2: Workflow Control - Loops, Switch and Try Catch
Session 3: Date&Time and Integrations
Session 4: Advanced Machine Learning - Ensemble Models, Parameter Optimization, and Time Series

We will be using as the conferencing system, so please be aware that you need a stable and fast enough internet connection.

** Our KNIME Online Course for Advanced Users has sold out. Please watch this space for an upcoming online course! **