KNIME Meetup - Use Cases from Industry & Banking plus How-to Establish a Data Culture

- Frankfurt am Main

Join us on October 15, 2019 for a meetup co-hosted by KNIME and our trusted partner Continental Engineering Services, in Frankfurt.

The first talk ‘Anomaly Detection for IoT Predictive Maintenance and Credit Card Fraud’ is by Kathrin Melcher (KNIME). An anomaly is a generic concept: it refers to any irregular or unexpected event, be it a mechanical tool failure, an arrhythmic heartbeat - or a fraudulent transaction. Therefore, the same techniques to predict anomalies in IoT data can also be used to detect credit card fraud and vice versa. In this talk Kathrin shows three different approaches to discover the "unknowns": classical machine learning and deep learning neural auto-encoder for credit card fraud detection and a rule based technique for anomaly detection in IoT based time series data.

Interested in finding out how analytics are used in banking? Christian Müller-Hammerstein (Expert for Advanced Analytics at Sparkasse KölnBonn) has a talk on exactly this topic. The presentation provides insights on current and future data analytics applications at Sparkasse KölnBonn. The main focus is on customer data management, such as predictive purchase behavior and supplementary customer insights, e.g. payment analyses. The information that is generated supports the sales department in improving customer centricity.

The talks will be rounded off with a talk by our host, Arne Beckhaus (Continental) on 'Establishing a Data Culture'. Data is said to be at the heart of digital transformation. Still, many organizations fail to create a movement beyond their data science labs and competence centers. Continental successfully empowered hundreds of non-IT users from business functions (controlling, logistics, HR, etc.) to boost their effectiveness in working with data. Not as dashboard consumers, but as citizen data analysts developing visual data workflows in the open source KNIME Analytics Platform. The benefits are not only new insights gained, but also automation of repetitive, data intense tasks. The term "Big Data" from a business user perspective is scoped surprisingly small. It often means "bigger than Excel" but leads to better decision making on all levels of the organization.

After the talks there will be time for networking over snacks and drinks.


  • 6:00 PM – Registration, snacks, drinks
  • 6:15 PM – Anomaly Detection for IoT Predictive Maintenance and Credit Card Fraud, Kathrin Melcher (KNIME)
  • 6:45 PM – Analytics in Sparkassen, Christian Müller-Hammerstein (Sparkasse KölnBonn)
  • 7:15 PM – Establishing a Data Culture: Continental's Journey to 2000 KNIME Users Making Better Decisions Every Day, Arne Beckhaus (Continental)
  • 7:45 PM – Networking
  • 8:30 PM – Official End


  • Continental Engineering Services in Frankfurt - close to the S-Bahn railstation "Frankfurt Rödelheim". The exact location will be provided after registration.

About the speakers:

Kathrin Melcher is a Data Scientist at KNIME

Christian Müller-Hammerstein is Specialist in Advanced Analytics at Sparkasse KölnBonn

Arne Beckhaus is Head of Data Services at Continental Engineering Services