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KNIME Course for Data Wranglers, Austin

- Austin, TX

KNIME is hosting the following one-day course during KNIME Fall Summit in Austin on November 5, 2019:

KNIME Course for Data Wranglers: Access, merge, transform, and inspect your data

This course introduces you to KNIME Analytics Platform, focusing on accessing, merging, transforming, and inspecting data from different sources. We’ll dive into data cleaning and aggregation, using methods such as advanced filtering, concatenating, joining, pivoting, and grouping. With all of this, you’ll learn how to get your data into the right shape to generate insights quickly.

We’ll take you through everything you need to get started with KNIME, so you can start creating well-documented, standardized, reusable workflows for your (often) repeated tasks. There will be hands-on exercises allowing you to put what you’ve learned into practice. Experience using KNIME Analytics Platform is not necessary.

What do you need to bring? Your own laptop - ideally with the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform installed (but we will have time to do this together if needed).

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Course Content

  • Introduction to KNIME Analytics Platform
  • Importing data from files and databases
  • Data blending: join and concatenate tables
  • Data manipulation
  • Handling date&time
  • Data aggregation and filtering
  • Creating interactive visualizations
  • Saving the results


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