KNIME Certification Online

September 2, 2020 - Online

KNIME Certification Program measures your expertise with different concepts of KNIME Software as well as current data science skills.

You can take four different examinations (L1 to L4) online at any time during the day of the event. Each examination takes no more than 45 minutes with 15 questions about the topics that are listed in the FAQ (see below) under "Which examination is right for you?".

Important: Levels within KNIME Certification Program are consecutive, i.e., you can only take the L2 examination once you have passed the L1. This is currently not reflected in the ordering process, so please make sure to order the right tickets for your next level within KNIME Certification Program.

Once you have registered for the event, you will get an order confirmation from Eventbrite which does not yet contain instructions on how to take your exam. On the day of the examination, i.e. around 0:01 (UTC +2), you will receive an additional email from that contains instructions on how to access your examination through a browser. Since follow-up emails will come from this address as well, please make sure to mark it as trusted, for example, by adding the address to your address book.

If you register after 0:01 (UTC +2) on the day of the examination, it might take up to 5 minutes for the instructions email to be sent out. Please keep this in mind when planning your exam!

Within minutes after the examination, you will get your results: If you have passed the exam and have registered for another level, you will automatically get a new email with instructions for that level. If you did not receive your results or the instructions for the next level, please reach out to us at

Finally, you will receive your digital certificate (PDF) within a couple of days.

Good luck with your examination!


Which examination is right for you?

L1: Basic Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • Contents:
    • General Concepts of KNIME Analytics Platform
    • Importing/Exporting Data
    • Data Manipulation and Aggregation
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)

L2: Advanced Proficiency in KNIME Analytics Platform

  • Contents:
    • Flow Variables
    • Configuration Nodes
    • Dates and Times
    • Workflow Control
    • Data Visualization and Exploration
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)

L3: Proficiency in KNIME Software for Collaboration and Productionizing of Data Science

  • Contents:
    • Deploying KNIME workflows as applications and services (REST)
    • Remote workflow execution
    • Building reports
    • Working with databases
    • Collaboration (snapshots, permissions, data)
    • Building Guided Analytics workflows for KNIME WebPortal
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)

L4: Proficiency in KNIME Server Setup, Management and Administration

  • Contents:
    • KNIME Server Basics (compatibilities, recommendations)
    • Setup and management of KNIME Server
    • KNIME Server architectures
    • Using KNIME Server REST API
    • Setup of enterprise-ready environment (permissions, authentication)
  • 45 minute multiple-choice exam (15 questions)
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