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KNIME Analytics Platform Online Course for Advanced Users

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This online course covers the more complex concepts of data science, which you can do in KNIME Analytics Platform. Learn all about flow variables and how to control a workflow by using parameters and loops. Learn how to find the best parameter settings for your machine learning model automatically, see how Date&Time integrations work, and get a taste for ensemble models, parameter optimization, and cross validation. This course consists of four, one-hour online sessions run by one of our KNIME data scientists. Each session has an exercise for you to complete at home and together, we will go through the solution at the start of the following session. The course concludes with a 15-minute wrap up session. The course is capped at 40 participants - so register early!

Sessions will be held on the following dates at 6PM CET: Feb 12, 19, 26, Mar 4, and 11.

Course Content

  • Session 1: Flow Variables
  • Session 2: Workflow Control - Loops, Switch and Try Catch
  • Session 3: Date&Time and Integrations
  • Session 4: Advanced Machine Learning - Ensemble Models, Parameter Optimization, and Cross Validation


What level of KNIME experience is needed for this course?

You should be an advanced KNIME user and ideally have already built some workflows. This course doesn’t provide an introduction to KNIME Analytics Platform - it focuses on more advanced data science concepts.

How do I join the course?

You’ll receive a zoom link with your registration confirmation. Make sure you have a stable internet connection!

Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely - fire away!

What do I need to have?

Your own laptop, ideally pre-installed with the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform, which you can download at