Inaugural KNIME Meetup in Brisbane

- Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Gardens Point Campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000, Australia

The Brisbane KNIME Meetup Group is hosting their inaugural KNIME meetup on July 20! It's open for anyone with an interest in data science, KNIME Analytics Platform, and integrations (including Python, R, H2O, and more).

Risk Insights will begin by providing an introduction for KNIME newbies. Forest Grove Technology (a KNIME Trusted Partner), will then share their experiences in working with KNIME over the last years.

We'll also open up the floor for anyone wanting to share their experiences - what cool things are you doing with KNIME? Which integrations are you using? Do you have an interesting use case? If you'd like to share something, just prepare a short talk/presentation (a few minutes) to share with the group.

There will also be time at the end for some networking, discussions, and ideas for future KNIME Meetups.


  • 16:00 – Official welcome, introductions, and meetup objectives
  • 16:15 – Quick look at KNIME Analytics Platform for those new to KNIME (Risk Insights)
  • 16:30 – The benefits of using KNIME from an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and Data Science perspective (Forest Grove)
  • 16:50 – Break for pizza
  • 17:15 – Open floor (why do you use KNIME, what do you use)
  • 17:30 – Wrap up: Next Meetup ideas, comments, questions
  • 17:45 – Networking