Data Science Learnathon: From Raw Data to Deployment, Malta

- Malta

Together with our partner Dogma Studio, we are hosting a Data Science Learnathon in Malta on September 17.

What is a learnathon? It's between a workshop and a hackathon - where you’ll learn not only about the data science cycle, you’ll also work in groups to hack a workflow-based solution to guided exercises using KNIME Analytics Platform.

This particular learnathon is a low threshold way to familiarize yourself with the basic ideas of machine learning and data science through "learning by doing". We’ll look into both KNIME Analytics Platform which is the open source software for creating data science applications and services, and KNIME Server which is the enterprise software for team based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows, data, and guided analytics.

It’s designed for professionals who would like to expand their skill set with more data driven techniques and technologies, but may not currently use those to their fullest extent. We expect you to contribute your real-world business and organizational experience to the data problems you'll be discussing, in order to learn how to solve these in new ways. You have therefore typically worked with data in some shape or form already.

The learnathon is aimed at augmenting and increasing your current skill set. It would be helpful if you have a basic understanding of statistics and experience with reporting or analytics.

After an initial introduction to the tool and to the data science cycle, we will split into the following groups:

  • Group 1: Working on the raw data. Data access and data preparation.
  • Group 2: Machine Learning. Which model shall I use? Which parameters?
  • Group 3: I have a great model. Now what? The model deployment phase.

Please bring your own laptop with KNIME Analytics Platform pre-installed. To install KNIME Analytics Platform, follow the instructions provided in these YouTube videos:

If you would like to get familiar with KNIME Analytics Platform, you can explore the content of our E-learning course.


  • 6:00 PM - Welcome and introduction to KNIME Software
  • 6:30 PM - The data science cycle: from raw data to deployment
  • 6:50 PM - Presentation of datasets and tasks, group formation, food and drinks
  • 7:20 PM - Let's work and learn!
  • 9:30 PM - Networking and dinner


Malta - Hilton Hotel, Room Gifen I and II, Vjal Portomaso St Julian's PTM, 01