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Course for Machine Learning in KNIME, Austin

- Austin, TX

KNIME is hosting the following one-day course during KNIME Fall Summit in Austin on November 5, 2019:

Machine Learning in KNIME: More than an Introduction

KNIME makes it easier than ever for people to learn the machine learning process - from data ingestion to model validation. The graphical interface with a drag and drop format empowers every analyst to build a robust workflow with out-of-the-box tools. However, what happens when you are ready to push the boundaries of the KNIME prebuilt toolkit?

Learn a collection of critical, yet sometimes rushed or overlooked, machine learning concepts and how they can be implemented in KNIME. We explore how Python can be used when you can't find the perfect node, and provide an instructive example of how creative a model-builder has to be.

What do you need to bring? Your own laptop - ideally with the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform installed (but we will have time to do this together if needed).

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Course Content

  • Preparing a rich model-build dataset
  • Advanced techniques for mitigating sampling bias
  • Beyond correlation analysis
  • Sophisticated suite of tools for feature selection
  • Feature engineering with residual plots
  • How sure are you about your model's accuracy?
  • Model governance in a mature analytics organization


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